Extra curricular activities

We have extra curricular activities for all ages that promote the development of different kinds of skills.

Choreography Class
Graduation Ceremony
A display during Cultural Day
Students Swimming
The Cub Scout
The enrolment ceremony of the Brownies of Sonbeam Preparatory School took place in the school hall on the 27th of November, 1997. Thirty- one girls were enrolled during the investiture ceremony, which was presided over by Mrs. Ige, a former Oyo state Commissioner for Girls Guide. Many parents, teachers and well-wishers were also in attendance.

Choreography is the art of creating a dance routine by grouping together and organising different dance moves into sequences and patterns that can introduced to specific song,beat or melody.

At Sonbeam,we found that choreography could be useful in giving a pleasant expression to religious music and lyrics . Hence, a choreography class was put in place and has been prominent in most of the school’s social activities as well as honouring invitations from many religious groups.

Culture is the total way of life of a people including art, belief,music, dancing and instituions of a population that are passed down from generation to generation. The school set apart a prefixed day once every year to expose pupils to the different cultures of our land.

Music as well as fine art is given a special attention in our regular curriculum, most especially in the pre—primary section. However, for parents who desire and can afford it, private music lessons can be arranged for pupils in the playing of the piano, trumpet, recorder and the guitar.
Swimming with a trained and experienced coach is one of the important extra-curricula activities organised by the school.
The group was inaugurated in 1999. The aims and objectives of the group are to: i. teach good morals to pupils and viewers through drama.ii. give pupils the opportunity of expressing themselves clearly and confidently in public. iii. make pupils responsible by assigning to them parts be committed to memory in drama pieces. iv. teach pupils the spirit of team work.
Prior to the formal establishment of Cub Scouting at Sonbeam, the School’s management sent a teacher Mr. J. Osundara and an assistant Mr. Rotimi Obajimi for an orientation training at Molete Scout Camp from 12th to 19th April 1996. The investiture ceremonies at Sonbeam took place in the School Hall on the 3lst of May, 1996. Presiding at the august ceremony was the then Oyo State Boys Scout Commissioner, Dr. A. Oshin. At the occasion, Sonbeam Cub Scout was named the 22nd Pack of the Ibadan North Local Association. The Scout and Brownie Movements have a programme of activities and fun for boys and girls aged 6-11 offering them the opportunity to: (i) Work and play with other children, (ii) Become responsible and self-reliant, (iii) Acquire skills in hobbies and hand crafts, (iv) Enjoy games and outdoor activities like camping, (v) Learn how to be helpful at home and elsewhere.
The Society was established in 2001 and is aimed at building pupils’ confidence and fluency in spoken English and introducing them to elementary journalism. Members meet on Thursdays. At the meetings, they discuss current National and International issues and the history of different nations. The pupils also practise newscasting. The society organizes debates, written composition and quiz competitions for pupils. The society gives news to the whole school once a week or periodically