Strategies for tackling homework

Here are 5 tips to make homework manageable for your kids.

  • Set up a homework-friendly area – Make sure your child has a clean and well-lit place to do their homework. It helps to make sure supplies that they may need like pencils, crayons, paper and glue are nearby. If your child is still fighting/frustrated, something as simple as changing location for “a special place to work” can boost a child’s motivation and maybe even their confidence.
  • Schedule a regular homework time – Children respond well to routine. It helps them to understand what is expected of them. If it helps, give your child a time frame to get their homework done. This will give her some control over their schedule as well.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum – This means no TV, no loud music, and/or distracting sibling. Try to find a quiet space where your child can focus. Especially, if they get distracted easily.
  • Be a motivator – When children don’t understand something right away, they may feel like they’re not smart enough and start to shut down. Try figuring out the first problem together to help your child to remember what they learned in school.
  • Praise their work and efforts – For younger students especially, instant feedback is needed. It’s OK to correct mistakes, unless of course a teacher asks that you do not, but make sure to praise your children for their efforts too and emphasize what they have done well. They may be more inclined to do a good job the next time if they know they will get your praises.


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